Revitalize and Monetize
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Let your audience remix,
share, and re-live
moments through video
Next-generation developer
toolkit. No video editing
skills required

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Things We've Been Thinking About

Introducing our API

In 2005 when Google introduced their Maps API they created a whole new genre of location-based applications. Before their time, maps where really complex artifacts that were poorly translated to the digital world. One of their big breakthroughs was to break a seemingly never-ending map of the world into 250×250 tiles, each one of which [...]


EduHack is coming up!

EduHack brings together the education and computer science communities to focus on problems in K-12 education. During the weekend of June 14-16 teams will come together around a particular problem, collaborate on solutions, intensively build and design prototypes, and present their ideas to a panel of judges. We are proud to help this initiative by [...]


the audience wants to participate

Oliver Reichenstein suggests that the audience of a broadcast (TV, Radio or even Print) is usually a passive consumer, a legacy from the early days of radio. But a more powerful transformation to our society was put in motion around the time Radio and TV became mainstream: the fundamental cultural transfer mechanism stopped being the [...]


a new medium

A very insightful creative mind once said that people don’t remember much about your site’s design. Fonts, colours, layout are all very important, yes, but the one things people don’t forget is their first emotional reaction. That’s all you have to design for. That first glimpse that without any objectivity defines the entire future of [...]


cinemagraphs and the attention span problem

The image above is known as a cinemagraph. I like the idea of time freezing so we can keep up with the influx of news. Even better if the little time we had available could be focused on a digest, the modern equivalent to the photocopy art that Mark Surman refers to when explaining Hackasaurus, [...]


the beginnings of tribal mix

A few months ago I started a little Tumblr called TinyWrld, which was nothing but an interesting collection of tilt-shifts from around the world, depicting mostly urban scenes in the unequivocal visual style of “miniatures”. The visual coherence among the videos made me assume that there was a given formula for producing these videos, and [...]


a tiny world

We live in a very tiny world. Fortunate the global citizen that can claim to have seen enough of it to make this affirmation and lucky the city that can keep him engaged enough for his ideas to shape the society of tomorrow. This sums up my hopes around travel, entrepreneurship, a better world and [...]


the end of television – redux

In the northern hemisphere winter becomes a faded memory as the days get longer and we rediscover the rituals of daylight-saving season. One of these is clearly the ritual of planning what we’ll watch during the summer as our favourite shows go dormant. In the end of television I had ventured into a world where [...]


acoustic medium

“Acoustic” was mostly used as a metaphor for “many things happening at once” Any jazz lover can tell of the marvellous ways in which a simple riff becomes a rich, complex, unique piece of art through methodic experimentation and endless variation around a central theme. A couple of years ago, inspired by the popularity of [...]


acoustic world

Nothing like finding hidden connections between ideas, specially when they seemed so distant. My post lonelytv seemed a good exercise in interpreting McLuhan, which is a worthy cause in its own. It also seemed a good way to discretely reveal facts about me: I don’t watch TV; at least not in the same way that [...]